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Luther Blissett
Location world
Interest(s) ATC, navigation data, radar client, GNU/Linux, copyleft
MP callsign(s) mcantsin
Favourite aircraft Falcon 7X

Why I am here

As an GNU/Linux and Aviation enthousiast I like the approach and the way flightgear is being built and developed. As an ATC controller for VatSim, which is a very professional and hierarchical organisation, I control areas such as South-Eastern Asia (ASEA FSS), Thailand (VTBB FIR), Cambodia (VDPP FIR) etc., produced charts and training material for virtual controllers and virtual pilots. Due to the caginess of the VatSim community towards Free Software, especially GNU/Linux, I am willing to invest my spare time to bring ATC services for FlightGear further and am especially looking forward into the development of OpenRadar. - So I might be new to the FlightGear community, but am nevertheless willing to provide professional knowledge and ideas.


E-mail: open.pop.star@gmail.com
Twitter: OpenPopStar
IRC: mcantsin @de.irc.flightgear.org
Video Broadcast of FG sessions: Twitch