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This article describes content/features that may not yet be available in the latest stable version of FlightGear (2019.1).
You may need to install some extra components, use the latest development (Git) version or even rebuild FlightGear from source, possibly from a custom topic branch using special build settings: .

This feature is scheduled for FlightGear 2019.2. 100}% completed

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swift-connection module
FG swift connection.PNG
Started in 10/2018
Description Connection module to swift pilot client which allows connections to FSD servers like VATSIM
Maintainer(s) Lars Toenning
Contributor(s) Lars Toenning
Status Under active development as of 01/2020

This module allows FlightGear to connect to an externally running swift client.

swift is an open-source pilot client for multiple flight simulators (FSX, P3D, FS9, XPlane, FG) and operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux). It allows connections to FSD servers like VATSIM. Further information about swift can be found here.

swift project status

swift is actively developed here and is in public beta status.

Current features

The key features include:

  • aircraft interpolation
  • voice communication with ATC, support for new VATSIM codec planned
  • model matching
  • Database support for model mappings, users can contribute
  • TCAS support


For communication between Flightgear and swift dbus is used. To assure that both sides using the same commands for communication the FGSWIFTBUS_API_VERSION must match each other. Otherwise connection is not possible.

For compatibility see following table:

swift/Flightgear <2019.2 next
<=0.9.3 -/- -/-
develop 1/- 1/-


Aircraft mapping (swift mapping tool)

For correct aircraft loading and parsing into swift you need to add FGs model directories. The supported folders are:

  • FGDATA/AI/Aircraft
  • Any other folder which contains user-flyable airplanes (in seperate folders).

Note for Windows users

Starting with swift 0.9.1 swift automatically adds the sim and model paths if Flightgear was installed through the installer.


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