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UK Scenery Wish List

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This pages is a list of high-impact UK scenery objects that are currently missing from FlightGear. It's subjective, please feel free to add entries, and especially to claim entries if you feel like working on one. The list is particularly biased towards things that are prominent from the air. Some of these things already existing in the 3D Warehouse, so another possibility is to contact authors there for permission to use the model under the GPL (including any textures), but many of the models there are rather too detailed for comfortable use in FG.


Many of the tall buildings have been done, what remains is some complex / historical buildings.

  • Centrepoint (yuck)
  • Tower of London
  • HMS Belfast
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Lloyds building
  • Bankside (Tate Modern)
  • County Hall
  • St Paul's
  • The Shell Centre
  • Heathrow terminals 1-4 (Being worked on by Gijs and statto)
  • Heathrow hangers
  • London City terminal buildings (terminal done by MaverickAlex)
  • ExCeL (prominent beside London City)
  • More Thames bridges - and the flood barrier
  • Wimbledon (WIP VicMar)

Other Prominent City Buildings


  • Blackpool Tower (IanBee has basic model - needs refining)
  • The 'Big One' (a pig to model) and the rest of the Pleasure Beach
  • 3 Piers (2 - Central and North already modeled by IanBee .. how do we publish these?)
  • Gas Towers and Tesco complex on Approach to Airport (IanBee has these.. again ..how to publish?)


  • Manchester Hilton (Beetham tower) - being worked on by zakalawe
  • (former) UMIST buildings
  • Piccadilly / Gateway House
  • GMEX / conference centre
  • City Tower
  • Portland Tower


  • Holyrood House
  • Balmoral Hotel
  • New Royal Infirmary
  • David Hume and Appleton Towers
  • Carlton Hill monuments
  • Ocean Terminal (and Britannia)


  • SECC
  • Clyde Bridges


  • Tyne Bridges


  • NECC
  • The Rotunda


  • Royal Pavilion
  • Brighton Marina - work in progress by VicMar

Major Airports

MaverickAlex is planning work on major UK terminals from the start of 2009. If you're planning to work on a UK airport not listed here, it would be worth checking on the forums.

  • Gatwick (EGKK) terminals
  • Manchester (EGCC) buildings
  • Stanstead (EGSS) passenger terminal
  • Luton (Sleazy Jet home!) buildings - MaverickAlex has this basically done
  • Glasgow (EGPF) terminal buildings
  • Birmingham - bonus points for including Birmingham International rail station and a Nasal-scripted shuttle train between the terminals - same idea as EDDF and KSFO.
  • Shoreham (EGKA) Buildings are a work in progress by VicMar
  • Edinburgh (EGPH) - zakalawe plans to look at this in the near future, but help is welcome
  • Norwich (EGSH) (construction complete, including Cathedral and Carrow Road, submitted to scenery database)
  • Heathrow (EGLL) - see: https://github.com/legoboyvdlp/London-fg-CustomScenery for 2016 development by legoboyvdlp, laserman and others
  • Lasham
  • Bristol
  • Cambridge
  • East Midlands
  • Leeds-Bradford
  • Liverpool John Lennon Airport (EGGP) - Under construction by andyramone


We have many of these already, thanks to work by Jon Stockhill and others.

  • Dartford crossing
  • Skye
  • Erskine bridge (on the Clyde)
  • Humber Bridge - Humberside, East Yorkshire

Power Stations

Again thanks to Jon Stockhill many of the cooling towers and chimneys already exist - what's missing is the main buildings.

  • Torness - being drafted by zakalawe
  • Cockenzie - will be done by zakalawe
  • Longannet - ditto
  • Sizewell power station (East Anglian coast)
  • Dungeoness
  • Shoreham (Done by VicMar)


  • Stonehenge (???)
  • South coast piers (Brighton Pier (ex-Palace Pier) done by VicMar).
  • Brighton Marina - in progress by VicMar
  • Glasgow 'sail'
  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Olympic site London
  • Millenium Stadium

Football Stadiums

Andyramone is undertaking a project to create UK football stadiums. It is ongoing, and completed and under construction models will be listed here. (PM andyramone on forum for requests.)

  • Carrow Road - Norwich City - Complete and submitted
  • Portman Road - Ipswich Town - Complete, ready for submission
  • Emirates Stadium - Arsenal - Complete and submitted
  • Stamford Bridge - Chelsea - Complete and submitted
  • White Hart Lane - Tottenham - Complete, ready for submission
  • Upton Park - West Ham - On the list
  • Craven Cottage - Fulham - On the list
  • Wembley - England - On the list

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