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Template:Commit log

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fgdata commit log (RSS feed)

The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.

RSS Feeds


This template is to be used by pages including links to Git logs. Its main purpose is to provide links to commit logs, so that the maintainers of the newsletters and changelogs can easily find changes to publish. Defaults to the fgdata RSS feed.

Note This template currently links only to SourceForge projects, and may need to be extended to support other hosts (e.g. github/gitlab), as well as other RCS/SCMs (e.g. SVN).


{{commit log|mode=|title=|project=}}

All parameters are optional

If tells to template to link to an RSS feed or commit browser. Defaults to rss.
Title of project, used in the link. Overrides project (default value).
Project name, used in link. Defaults to fgdata.


{{commit log|project=fgaddon}}

fgaddon commit log (RSS feed)

{{commit log|project=fgaddon|mode=browser}}

fgaddon commit log

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