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Hi, are you aware of the fgfsbuilder script?

I agree that this facility is probably rather underdocumented, however it is extremely useful and feature-complete to enable new developers to easily build FlightGear along with all its dependencies and related tools (such as fgsd, atlas, fgms etc)

Also, note that there's already a utility named "FG-Tools" for FlightGear which provides fgrun-like functionality for Win32 platforms.

Thanks for the links, I was not aware of that scripts, that is bad, because they should be available on the Building Flightgear page or an other page and I should have seen theme before compiling. By the way, the script I uploaded is not for compiling fgfs, but taxidraw and fgsd also is useful -only- for debian like linux system (Especially ubuntu) and has the peculiarity to leave you distro clean. I was not aware of fg-tool too, If the page needs to be renamed it's ok. Thanks.