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Startup log file

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Location in $FG_HOME

Cquote1.png I was hoping the enhanced log support would be a step towards killing off the DOS-box for release builds in Windows, since it looks rather retro - and on the basis that we frequently want the log file after-the-fact, the file on disk seemed more useful
— James Turner (2013-06-06). Re: [Flightgear-devel] Windows Log file pipe/redirect.
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Cquote1.png What's changed is the addition of that log file :)

(Well, and the capability to show portions of the log in the GUI)

I was unaware JSBSim output wasn't being captured there, but it makes sense since I'm only capturing SimGear log output, which JSBSim doesn't use. There is a mechanism to send other log streams to the same backend, including partial code to do this with OSG messages.

— James Turner (2013-06-06). Re: [Flightgear-devel] Windows Log file pipe/redirect.
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