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Canvas SVG Parser

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The '''scripted SVG parser''' basically just maps the SVG xml structure to the property tree by adding corresponding Canvas elements as child nodes. It is implemented in [[Nasal]] on top of the XML parsing facilities already provided by FlightGear/Nasal (see $FG_ROOT/Nasal/io.nas).
There's a tiny Nasal module named svg.nas (see $FG_ROOT/Nasal/Canvas) that will read those SVG/XML files and convert them into Canvas nodes (OpenVG/ShivaVG paths) - in other words, depending on the nature of the differences in the output, it should be possible to patch up the svg parser to also support the new format.
To make changes to that module, you need to understand how parsing works and how a stack works (the data structure).
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== Vector Image Support ==

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