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Canvas SVG Parser

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== Supported SVG features ==
The SVG file used for this demo has been created using [ Inkscape]. Using paths (also with linestipple/dasharray), text, groups and cloning is supported, but don't try to use more advanced features like gradients, as the SVG parser doesn't interpret every part of the SVG standard. (You can always have a look at the [{{fgdata/blobs/master/source|path=Nasal/canvas/svg.nas |text=implementation] }} and also improve it if you want ;-) )
|Referring to the [https://{{|proj=fg/|repo=canvas-hackers-fgdata/|commit/=7d249ce9556d52fb7ae066775023087fbd4daa2f#c106578 |view=commit|text=gitorious discussion about having a styleable SVGSymbol class] }} - that is something that will be hard to support/integrate with pre-defined styling unless we patch svg.nas to accept a list of optional SVG attributes that are mapped to a transformation/rewrite-callback so that SVG attributes can be dynamically "rewritten" by the parser based on looking up a certain id (e.g. "background-color") and changing CSS stuff there.
|{{cite web |url=
|title=<nowiki>MapStructure styling</nowiki>

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