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Howto:Shader programming in FlightGear

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Vertex shaders
=== Vertex shaders ===
|The vertex shader doesn't know anything about the mesh it renders, it just knows one single vertex at a time and all the info that is attached to the vertex (normals, tangents, binormals, color,...) And the vertex shader doesn't really draw anything, it just takes care of all the things which have to do with 'where in space' you are.
The way this works is that for all the vertices of an object you want to render, the position of the object gets attached to all vertices (currently in the color spot). The vertex shader then just adds the offset vector to the vertex coordinate with respect to the origin.
|{{cite web |url=
|title=<nowiki>Re: [Flightgear-devel] cities in FG & how to move forward</nowiki>
|author=<nowiki>Renk Thorsten</nowiki>
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