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{{Main page/Leftbox|title=Put a piece of yourself into Stavite deo sebe u FlightGear!
|contents=In FlightGear, "development" is [[Howto:Understand the FlightGear development process|anything that improves the project]]. So, it's not just code related [[Howto:Start core development|core development]]. There's also [[Portal:Developer/Scenery|scenery development]], [[Portal:Developer/Aircraft|aircraft development]] and all the stuff you can see in the column here on the left. If you want an extended overview, check out the [[Volunteer]] page.
{{Main page/Leftbox|title=For core developersZa programere jezgra |contents=Visit Posetite [[:CategoryKategorija:Core development projectsProjekti razvoja jezgra]] to see a list of currently ongoing projectsda vidite listu svih trenutno aktivnih projekata!See Pogledajte [[:CategoryKategorija:Developer PlansRazvojni planovi]] to see a list of developer plans for the upcoming releaseda vidite listu razvojnih planova za sledeće izdanje.See Pogledajte [[request for commentszahtev za komentare]] for za listu dugogodišnjih pitanja i izazova koji utiču na evoluciju ,i celokupni progres FlightGear-a list of long-standing issues and challenges affecting FlightGear's evolution and overall development progress (admittedly a little outdated meanwhiledoduše,malo zastarela u medjuvremenu).

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