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See [[:Category:Developer Plans]] to see a list of developer plans for the upcoming release.
See [[request for comments]] for a list of long-standing issues and challenges affecting FlightGear's evolution and overall development progress (admittedly a little outdated meanwhile).
'''Help needed:'''
Creating an integrated [[Canvas]] based GUI launcher/package manager {{Issue|1295}}:
{{cquote|For aircraft, the system supports aircraft dirs, there is the package manager code which works but is currently unused, which can download and extract zipped aircraft. This needs a GUI but thanks to the new reset architecture we can finally build this GUI inside FG - i.e an ‘aircraft chooser’ UI - however I am find building such a UI rather outside my comfort zone. If anyone would like to help in this area, let me know.<ref>{{cite web |url=
|title=size of flightgear-data
|author=James Turner |date= 2014-04-17 18:23:24}}</ref>|James Turner}}
The [[YASim]] FDM is looking for a new maintainer:
{{cquote|There are some pending merge requests[] to add some YASim features, but we have an issue that since none of the current C++ developers own, or are experts in YASim, we're reluctant to be the person who merges such changes, and potentially introduces subtle regressions.
Obviously this is chicken-and-egg, since no one can become expert enough in the code to become a maintainer :)
So, I'm more than happy to apply patches *providing* I can be convinced they are sane+reasonable from a pure code perspective (happy to help with that, too,
if people are new to C++), and providing we have some assurance that a representative sample of YASim aircraft are unchanged or improved by the patch.
Suggestions for that means in practice, are most welcome!
Otherwise I worry, given the nature of the solver, we'll keep optimising the solver for some aircraft, and making other existing aircraft worse - until someone tests them, and announced that they're no longer working.<ref>{{cite web |url=
|title=YASim and documentation
|author=James Turner |date= Fri, 05 Oct 2012 03:54:43 -0700}}</ref>|James Turner}}
{{cquote|I am still broadly happy to answer questions if posed (as long as I remember enough to come up with a meaningful answer). Just cc: me if you do, because my latencies here are measured in weeks.Bugs can always be fixed. What YASim needs is a maintainer, not really expertise per se. The latter comes from the former.<ref>{{cite web |url=
|title=YASim and documentation
|author=Andy Ross |date= Fri, 05 Oct 2012 03:54:43 -0700}}</ref>|Andy Ross}}
{{Main page/Leftbox|title=Coding Help NeededPotrebna pomoć u kodiranju! (Updated 11/2013)
* {{Pending}} [[World Scenery 3.0 roadmap]]
{{Main page/Leftbox|title=WantedTraženi: interview candidateskandidati |contents=Every month we try to include an interview with a contributor in the Svakog meseca,u [[FlightGear Newsletter]],pokusavamo da dodamo i interview sa nekim od FlightGear saradnika. Anyone contributing to Svako ko pomaže FlightGear, in whatever wayna bilo koji način, is welcome to answer a few questions and write hisje dobrodošao da odgovori na nekoliko pianja i tako napišse svoj /her own njen interview. More info at Više informacija na [[FlightGear Newsletter: Interview]].

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