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North American OV-10A Bronco

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{{infobox Aircraft:{{PAGENAME}}/info}}|image =The OV-10A210 Bronco (North American, Rockwell) is a 2 turboprop plane for FlightGear is available for 0.jpg|caption =9.10 and 1.0.0. The OV-10A USAFE|name =North American 10 model was worked on and used by the OV-10A 10 Bronco|type =twin turboprop multirole|authors =Capt. Slug, David Culp, Jens Thoms ToerringAssociation Museum Simulator Project, Julien Pierru, Vivian Meazza|fdm =JSBSim|status =Production|fgname = <tt>OV10_CDF<in a custom simulation installation at the [[OV-10 Bronco Museum]]. (see [http:/tt>, <tt>OV10_NASA</tt>, <tt>OV10_USAFE<>}}Projects/obam/ Here]).
The OV-10 Bronco (North American, Rockwell) in FlightGear is available package for 0.9.10 and 1.0.0. Three main FlightGear contains three versions can be selectedof the airplane: A U. The S. Air Forces Europe version, which models an OV-10 model was worked on 10A assigned to the 601st Tactical Control Wing at Sembach Airbase, Germany; A California Department of Forestry version, used for fire fighting command and control; and a NASA version, used by the OV-10 Bronco Association Museum Simulator Project (see [http://wwwfor atmospheric and aerodynamic Here])Each model not only features customized exterior texture, but also relevant changes to the 3D models, and flight systems.
==About the aircraft==
"The North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco is a turboprop-driven light attack and cargo aircraft. Although it is a fixed-wing aircraft, its mission capabilities resemble a fast, long-range, inexpensive and reliable ultra-heavy attack helicopter. It flies at 244 knots (452 kilometers/hour), carries 3 tons of external munitions, and easily loiters for 3 or more hours. It is prized for its versatility, redundancy, load, wide field of view, short-field ability, low operational costs and ease of maintenance."
"The OV-10 has been used by the United States' Air Force, Marines and Navy, the military forces of several other nations, and the U.S. Customs Service, Bureau of Land Management, NASA and California Department of Forestry. There is at least one airplane in private hands as well. The OV-10 package for FlightGear contains three versions of the airplane: A U.S. Air Forces Europe version, which models an OV-10A assigned to the 601st Tactical Control Wing at Sembach Airbase, Germany; A California Department of Forestry version, used for fire fighting command and control; and a NASA version, used for atmospheric and aerodynamic research."
=== Starting procedure ===
[[ImageFile:engine-panel.jpg|thumb|Engine Panel]]
To start the engines (not necessary in the easy mode) switch the current view to the engine panel view and:
*switch on the Engine 1 start switch*switch on the Engine 2 start switch
Once they are started the switches fall back to the RUN position and you can hear the engines RPM go up. When the RPM stabilizes the engines are at idle and ready for take off.
=== Armament procedure ===
To charge the guns (not required when in "easy mode"):
*Guns LH and RH switches .......... READY*Master Arm switch ................ ON*Trigger .......................... Squeeze*Master Arm switch ................ OFF
To fire the guns:
*Master Arm switch ................ ON*Trigger .......................... Squeeze
WARNING: The Master Arm switch should be set to the OFF position bewteen firing passes.
To Fire a rocket:
*Appropriate station switch ....... FIRE*Master Arm switch ................ ON*Weapons release button ........... Push
CAUTION: The rocket pod may be set for SINGLE or RIPPLE fire, and is not selectable from within the cockpit.
To drop a bomb:
*Appropriate station switch ....... DROP*Fuse switch ...................... Select NOSE or TAIL*Master Arm switch ................ ON*Weapons release button ........... Push
== Dimensions ==
[[ImageFile:ov10a_3view.gif|thumb|OV-10A 3view|right]]
* Span: 40 feet (12.2 meters)
* Length: 41 feet, 7 inches (12.7 meters)
== Special Features ==
[[ImageFile:OV10A-loaded.jpg|thumb|OV-10A USAFE]]
=== Fuel System ===
==== Internal Fuel System ====
==== External Fuel System ====
* 1 230 gallons external tank fixed to external station 3, pump fed. If the pump is still activated and the tank is empty or has been dropped the pump will fail after 15 minutes, an orange light turns on on the upper right corner of the panel when pump output pressure is low .
[[ImageFile:OV10A-CDF.jpg|thumb|OV-10A CDF]]
=== Armament ===
=== Misc. ===
[[File:OV10A-NASA-in-action.jpg|thumb|NASA OV-10in flight showing model model updates and [[PLIB]] [[3D clouds]] in the backround ]]
[[File:OV10A-NASA2.jpg|thumb|Older model of the OV-10 on the runway]]
* right engine smoke created by mixing oil into fuel thus making a white smoke (s to trigger, S to stop).
[[Image:OV10A-NASA-in-action.jpg|thumb|OV-10A NASA]]
* Parachutists: in the Air Force version press the 'j' key to drop five parachutists from the rear of the airplane.
* fully textured
* external models: 230gal fuel tank, Mk82 bomb, rockets, parachuters, ejection seat/parachute
[[Image:OV10A-cockpit.jpg|thumb|OV-10A cockpit|right]]
[ Wikipedia's article on OV-10 Bronco]
== Related content ===== Related lists ===* [[Aircraft]]* [[Aircraft Todo] Several ground bombing scenarios suitable for the OV-10A, involving moving and static tank formations, explodable M1 Abrams tanks, etc.]
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