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Howto:Editing tile textures and materials

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The [[FlightGear]] [[scenery]] is displayed on the screen by rendering each of the triangles that makes up the surface with a texture, and placing random trees and objects on the surface. This Howto describes how to change the appearance of the scenery by modifying the texture, and configuring the objects that appear.
Each triangle has a defined "material", the landclass assigned to it by the scenery building process. The mapping of that material to a set of textures and objects is defined in the <tt>materials.xml</tt> file, found under the Materials/ directory. You can determine the material definition used within a triangle in-sim by using the ufo and Ctrl+Alt clicking on the ground. This will list the landclass used from the materials.xml file.
Currently there There are two currently three different sets of materials you can use - the :* The default set (defined in Materials/default/materials.xml)* A set that uses different definitions for different geographical regions, and a so that the farmland of Hawaii looks different from that of England (Materials/regions/materials.xml)* A DDS set that takes advantage of pre-generated mipmaps of the dds texture format (defined in Materials/dds/materials.xml). Both  All of these make used use of fragments of xml found under Materials/base/.
== Basic configuration ==

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