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Changelog 2.8.0

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Some of the major changes include:
'''Instruments & HUDs'''
* There's a A new fully scriptable flexible, 2D rendering system supported designed for creating complex instruments, the so called [[Canvas]] which allows you to create fully dynamic cockpit instruments and HUDs, even by loading and drawing vector images (SVG). This can be used to create such as CDUs/MCDUs for FMC, complex glass cockpit avionics (MFDs, EICAS, EFIS etc) HUDs and any other "glass" cockpit interfaces. Canvas allows aircraft designers to easily build complex instruments that could previously only be created in without needing specialized C++ space. All of this has now become possible just by using FlightGear's built-in [[Nasal]] scripting language which is very similar to JavaScript, without having to rebuild FlightGear from sourcecode.

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