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Changelog 2.8.0

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Update language to emphasise the benefits to the user of features
'''AI Traffic'''
* Improved aircraft Aircraft models and textureshave been improved.
'''Flight dynamics'''
* Synced FlightGear has been synced with the JSBSim project.
* Region-specific terrain textures are used for Europe, and Hawaii. Now towns in Europe look different from towns in the USA.* Random Cities and towns now look more poluated due to random 3D buildings for urban areas, complete with lighting at night.* Random Scenery looks more realistic due to improved placement of random objects, buildings and trees are only placed within specific areas of a terrain texture.
* Airport signs with full apt.dat 850 syntax support. Models are rendered in 3D, with support for double-sided signs.
* You can now select between summer and winter scenery in-sim.
* Support for menu translations.
* Navigation and route-manager data is now available through a Nasal API.
'''Highlighted new and improved aircraft'''
'''Visual effects'''
* A new, experimental renderer, named after the famous painter Rembrandt, is included for testing purposes.
* Easy Easier selection of material files.
** Saitek Pro Flight Yoke
** Speedlink Defender
* A French partial translation of The FlightGear Manual is now available.
'''Bug fixes'''

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