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FlightGear Newsletter May 2012

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Interview with a contributor (NAME)
If your language isn't supported by FlightGear's limited character set yet (i.e. Japanese, Chinese, Russian, ...) then please be patient - a rework of the GUI library, which will also improve support for arbitrary fonts and character sets, is already in progress.
== Interview with a contributor (NAME) : Jon Berndt ==''In each edition we have an interview with a contributor. Suggestions for possible questions are available on [[interview questions]], you are invited to come up with new questions and interview ideas obviously! Anyone is free to write an interview (with him-/herself or others) for next month's newsletter! If you'd like to help interview a contributor or get interviewed, please do consider adding yourself to the [[list of interview volunteers]]! To keep this going and less awkward, we are currently trying to come up with the convention that former interviewees become next month's interviewers.''
* How long have you been involved in FlightGear?
More questions are being collected here: [[Interview questions]].
Stay tuned for next month's interview, featuring FlightGear contributor XXXXXXXX
== Snapshot releases ==

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