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FlightGear Newsletter May 2012

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Development news
== Development news ==
=== Language Support ===
For a long time, FlightGear's multi-language support for the menus was broken. The language feature has been restored now, so it is again possible to translate the menu into different languages. Currently, only plain [ ASCII] characters and its [ Latin1/ISO-8859-1] extension are supported though, which covers Western European languages only (Portuguese to German, Italian to Norwegian).
Please see [[Howto: Translate FlightGear]] if you are interested in helping to translate FlightGear. We're currently looking for someone volunteering to update the existing, but incomplete '''Spanish''', '''French''' and '''Italian''' language resources. Also, you're welcome to add support for additional languages (e.g. Portuguese, Swedish, ...).
If your language isn't supported by FlightGear's limited character set yet (i.e. Japanese, Chinese, Russian, ...) then please be patient - a rework of the GUI library, which will also improve support for arbitrary fonts and character sets, is already in progress.
== Interview with a contributor (NAME) ==

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