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Howto:Extend Nasal

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= Intro =
In FlightGear, the simplest way to add new extension functions is to look at the existing functions in [http://gitorious.org/fg/flightgear/blobs/next/src/Scripting/NasalSys.cxx #line482 $FG_SRC/Scripting]/NasalSys.cxx ](src/Scripting/NasalSys.cxx).
There is a static table of function pointers (named funcs[]) referencing extension functions, along with their corresponding names in Nasal: http://gitorious. org/fg/flightgear/blobs/next/src/Scripting/NasalSys.cxx#line482
The following is a copy of the extension function list, taken in 05/2009:

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