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Howto:Extend Nasal

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Hash Manipulation API
int naMember_cget(naRef obj, const char* field, naRef* out);
A common way to set up hash field members easily, is using a simple macro like:
<syntaxhighlight lang="C">
#define HASHSET(s,l,n) naHash_set(navdatanaHash, naStr_fromdata(naNewString(c),s,l),n)
//... do your hash setup here
#undef HASHSET
As you can see, this allows you to easily set up hash fields.
This will call the naHash_set() helper, with the target hash being its first argument, the key name coming next and the naRef (n) being last.
The macro can be even further simplified by automatically computing the length of the hash key using strlen() instead of the explicit length argument:
<syntaxhighlight lang="C">
#define HASHSET(s,n) naHash_set(navdatanaHash, naStr_fromdata(naNewString(c),s,strlen(s)),n)
//... do your hash setup here
#undef HASHSET

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