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CH-47 Chinook Helicopter

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{{infobox Aircraft|image =CH-47_Chinook.jpg|name =CH-47 Chinook Helicopter|type =Helicopter|fdm =YASim|status =Development|authors = Melchior Franz, Maik Justus (FDM),Syd Adams (3D)|fgname = ch47:{{PAGENAME}} {||__TOC__|/info}
A twin-rotor, twin-engine helicopter developed by Boeing Vertol.
== Development status/Issues/Todo Features ==Outside:
* <strike>standard helicopter 3d model (bo105), original one mising</strike>* <strike>rotor is rotating strange when viewed from different view points</strike>* no pilot and co pilot visible == Development To- aircraft is not textured* no aircraft light availableDo ==
3d Cockpit:* Aircraft lighting (navigation, strobe, beacon, etc) {{progressbar|0}}* Aircraft limits (i.e Vne) {{progressbar|0}}* no cockpit light at night availableCockpit lighting {{progressbar|0}}* no rudder/stick control in 3d cockpit availableCockpit modelling and texturing {{progressbar|10}}* no ruder control Modelling and functioning input controls (rudder pedals available, stick, etc) {{progressbar|0}}* no switches Modelling and leverls availablefunctioning of switches, knobs, levers {{progressbar|20}}* no Modelling of details on the exterior of the aircraft, such as antennae. {{progressbar|0}}* No elevator trim control available{{progressbar|0}}* cockpit instruments look flat, they don't have a 3d look* cockpit Cockpit instruments can't not be adjusted with by clicking and dragging the mouse. {{progressbar|0}}* cockpit is not texturedWindscreen wipers (and controls to operate them) {{progressbar|0}} * cockpit window has no windscreen wipers - no pilot Pilot and co -pilot present* <strike>view point of pilot is on the wrong side (should be on the right side, not the left)</strike> General: * engine sound in cockpit does not differ from outside engine sound* hud can't be turned offmodels {{progressbar|0}}
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