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Moyes Dragonfly

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The dragonfly has excellent slow flight characteristics and is suitable for towing of hanggliders.
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== Features ==
GroundBanner created
[[Image:Dragonfly-banner-onground.jpg|thumb|left|Banner on the ground]]
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==== Using ====
[[Image:Dragonfly-banner-approach.jpg|thumb|left|Approaching the banner]]
[[Image:Dragonfly-banner-gotcha.jpg|thumb|left|Banner picked]][[Image:Dragonfly-banner-released.jpg|thumb|left|Banner released]]<br clear="all" />To pick up the banner from the ground, approach the rope between the two pylons at an altitude of less than 15ft agl. You have to be very close to the center of the rope to catch it.When the pickup succeeded, a message is printed on the console window
and you will notice a change in the flight-behaviour due to the increased drag caused by the banner on your tail. You can see the towed banner when looking back or changing the view.
[[Image:Dragonfly-banner-gotcha.jpg|thumb|left|Banner picked]]
you can release the banner by pressing the 'o' (lower case letter, not zero). You will notice a decrease of the drag and can see the banner falling down when looking at it.
[[Image:Dragonfly-banner-released.jpg|thumb|left|Banner released]]
== Issues ==
== External links ==
* [[http://www.dragonfly-germany.de/]]Dragonfly Germany
== Related content ==

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