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Zeppelin NT

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{{infobox Aircraft|image =Zeppelin_NT.jpg|name =Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik LZ N07|type =Airship|authors =Anders Gidenstam|fdm =JSBSim|status-fdm =2|status-systems =3|status-cockpit =3|status-model =3|fgname =ZLT-NT ZLT-NT-copilot:{{PAGENAME}}/info}}
== Important controls / keys ==
* (FlightGear 1.9.x) Unfortunately the pressure alarm will sound at startup since the envelope isn't initialized in a pressurized state. The ballonet inflation levers are preset to maximum inflation so the operating pressure is usually reached within 60 seconds.
* (FlightGear 1.9.x) Obsolete copies of mp_broadcast.nas (e.g. from the WildFire or Air racing add-ons) could cause problems. The up to date version now resides in <tt>[[$FG_ROOT]]/Nasal/mp_broadcast.nas</tt>. Remove the others - there should be no need for them.
== External links ==
* [ Download page with other lighter-than-air aircraft for FlightGear.] Requires the LTA support available in FlightGear 1.9.0 or later. '''Note: The most up to date version of the Zeppelin NT is available in [ here] for FlightGear/git.'''
* User A user drivable Scania mast truck add-on for [http://wwwis included in the GitHub repository but not in FlightGear 2.0.0] and [ FlightGear/git.]
* [ More on multiplayer dual control].

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