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Gimbal Project

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<pbr/>With the vice grip(s) holding the t-bracket in place, put the box in a vice
to hold it down.&nbsp; You&#39;re going to use a 1/4&quot; drill bit to drill holes in
the extension box, using the bracket as a guide.&nbsp; Do this for both
<pbr/>I didn&#39;'t include the nuts that go to the EMT connectors on purpose.&nbsp;
They MUST be used. :)<br/>
<br/>Here&#39;'s an exploded diagram that shows you how it all goes together:<br/>
made from a 7&quot; long piece of 3/4&quot; EMT that has had two holes and a notch cut in
the bottom.<br/>
<br/>A PDF file of the part drawing is available: [[:file:stick_stub.pdf">here</a>.&nbsp; ]] The completed stick
stub should look like this:<br/>
<img alt="Completed stick stub" src="[[file:stick_stub.png" width="640" height="491" />]]<br/>
<pbr/>The stick stub is just that - a stub.&nbsp; Your flight grip and lower stick
or &quot;stick box&quot; will attach to this using another 3/4&quot; EMT mating connector.&nbsp;
The stick stub also provides the mechanical interconnect for the roll and pitch
axes.<br/p><pbr/>The next part is the roll axis actuator rod.&nbsp; This is just a fancy name
for a 6.75&quot; long bit of 1/4&quot; steel rod that you&#39;ve flatted on one end and
threaded on the other.&nbsp; It looks like this:</p>

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