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Gimbal Project

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[[Category:Howto|Gimbal Build a simple pitch & roll gimbal]]
<p>Back in May 2009 I had spent some time tossing ideas back and forth with a nice
gent by the name of Jentron on the #flightgear IRC channel (<br/>
We were discussing the various methods that could be used to create a very
<br/><br/>Now the first thing you&#39;'re going to need to do is pop out all the knock-outs
in the electrical box and then drill out the ends using the 1&quot; Step Drill.
The hole needs to be large enough to accept the threaded portion of the 3/4&quot; " EMT connector. When you&#39;'re done, the box should look like this:<br/>
Next up, you&#39;'re going to have to use your vice grips (2 pair if you have them!) to position the 3&quot; &quot;" "T&quot; " bracket on the side of the extension box.The best way to do this is to measure 1-1/2&quot; " in from the end of the &quot;"top&quot; " of the
T brace and draw a centering line.&nbsp; Measure the electrical box along its
long axis and mark the center of it.&nbsp; The centering lines ensure that
<br/>Position the box and T-Bracket like this:<br/>
<img alt="Illustration showing the correct placement of the T-Bracket" src="[[file:t-bracket_position.jpg" width="400" height="307" />]]<br/>
<p>With the vice grip(s) holding the t-bracket in place, put the box in a vice
to hold it down.&nbsp; You&#39;re going to use a 1/4&quot; drill bit to drill holes in
<img alt="Illustration showing both &quot;T&quot; brackets in place" src="[[file:both_brackets_mounted.jpg" width="400" height="307" />]]<br/>
<br/>You&#39;ll notice in my drawing that I&#39;m using screws to hold the brackets in.&nbsp;
This was done because I didn&#39;t want to take the time to draw a reasonable
With it all assembled, it should look like this:<br/>
<img alt="Completed gimbal box" src="[[file:complete_gimbal_box.jpg" width="400" height="307" />]]<br/p>
<p>I didn&#39;t include the nuts that go to the EMT connectors on purpose.&nbsp;
They MUST be used. :)<br/>
<img alt="Exploded illustration of the gimbal box" src="[[file:gimbal_box_exploded.jpg" width="400" height="307" />]]<br/>
<br/>The last part of this assembly is the stick stub.&nbsp; The stick stub is
made from a 7&quot; long piece of 3/4&quot; EMT that has had two holes and a notch cut in
the bottom.<br/>
<br/>A PDF file of the part drawing is available
<a target="_blank" href="file:stick_stub.pdf">here</a>.&nbsp; The completed stick
stub should look like this:<br/>

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