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Eurofighter Typhoon: Flight Manual

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The Typhoon has two VHF radios, Radio 1 and Radio 2, which are managed by the '''Communications and Audio Management Unit (CAMU)''' and operated via the MDEF and MIDS panels. There are ten channels available: Ch1 and Ch2 are preset to the two FGCom global frequencies, Ch 3 - Ch 8 can be user preset (data is stored in the Data/channels.xml file), and there are two manual frequency channels, M1 and M2, settable in the Typhoon RadioComms dialog. The radio controls support the optional [[User:Tuxklok|dual FGCom configuration]], where two channels can be monitored and one selected as active for transmission. If not installed, only RAD1 is available for use.
Channel information is displayed on the COMM page of the MIDS display, and the pilot can scroll through channels and select the active radio using the MIDS softkeys. Direct channel selection can be made using the RAD1 and RAD2 pages of the MDEF. The channel list can be viewed on any HDD on the FREQ page, and selected channels are also shown on the MIDS HOME page.

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