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Eurofighter Typhoon: Flight Manual

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Manual Data Entry Facility
===Manual Data Entry Facility===
The MDEF is located on the left glareshield, above and left of the left-hand MFHDD. It consists of a bank of Autopilot Keys (diagonal and top-right, and SubSystem Keys. The 12 keys on the left select the desired page to be displayed on the 12 softkeys on the right, through which the navigation, defensive and communications equipment is programmed and controlled. Available pages are:
*'''MIDS''': Multi-function Information Display System - not yet functionalselect MIDS page
*'''NAV''': Navgiation Subsystem - Access Route Manager ('''RTE MGR'''), adjust route, lock altitude hold to Route Manager altitude instructions ('''NAV ALT''')
*'''AIDS''': Navigation Aids - Select steering bug to heading, Nav (Route Manager) Mode ('''NAV MODE''') or Tacan Mode ('''TACN MODE'''); switch Tacan power.
*'''DAS''': Defensive Aids Subsystem
*'''MISC''': Miscellaneous Functions
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