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Howto:Seneca II

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Slow Flight
=== Slow Flight ===
[[Image:SenecaII_HOWTO_slowflight.jpg|thumb|Slowflight in landing configuration with left turn]]
At the present altitude of 3000ft and heading 090 reduce the power to 18" manifold pressure. While maintaining altitude 3000ft, the aircraft slows down. At 129 knots or below, lower the landing gear. At 105 knots (white arc begins) lower flaps one, than two and finally three notches to full extension. Let the speed reduce to 80 knots. You now fly a big, clumsy tanker. To maintain your speed and altitude adjust the powersetting by 3 to 4 inches and be careful with the yoke, don't pull to hard - the stall is just around the corner. Try to further reduce speed to 70 knots. Now go for a heading change - turn left heading north. Be very careful, make it shallow and smooth. Only small corrections with the ailerons are allowed and using the rudder is strongly recommended.
Its easy to get a stall and end up in a spin.

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