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Howto:Place 3D objects with the UFO

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Choosing your object
b) You can also save your own models in an other subdirectory like Flightgear/data/mymodels (or any other name). Or if they are shared models which have only one fixed position, like the KSFO terminal, you can save them in the respective subdirectory of the Scenery folder, e.g. Flightgear/data/Scenery/Objects/w130n30/w123n37/mymodels (or directly in w123n37). To browse objects anywhere on your computer, press ''l'' when using the UFO.
If creating your own object, make sure it is the correct size! In Blender, units are meters and the Caliper script may help. Note that you should not use be careful about using Google Earth , due to determine the correct sizepossible licensing restrictions. See [ here] and [ here].
== Selecting the ufo ==

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