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AI Systems

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ATC/AI is no more. Updated new command-line options.
[[FlightGear]] has a number of more or less independently operating systems for simulating semi- intelligent interaction with the environment, so called '''AI Systems'''. Because there oftentimes exists some confusion regarding to which system does what, one should take notice of the differences between them: The major distinction is that between an older ATC/AI system, and a newer AIModels system. The AIModels system can, in turn, be controlled in at least three different ways; directly, using a script, through the multiplayer system, and through a subsystem known as the traffic manager.
* To enable/disable the ATC/AI traffic system: ** use <tt>--enable-ai-traffic</tt> / <tt>--disable-ai-traffic</tt> for FlightGear >= 2.2.0** ( use <tt>--prop:/sim/ai-traffic/enabled=[1|0]</tt>for FlightGear 2.0.0 and older )
* To enable/disable the AIModels system: use <tt>--prop:/sim/ai/enabled=[1|0]</tt>
== ATC/AI ==
'''The ATC/AI system was removed with FlightGear 2.2.0. It was replaced by a new module, see [[Interactive Traffic]]'''
The [[Air traffic control|Air Traffic Control]] system simulates interaction between the user and a number of AI controlled cessna and piper aircraft. This system can be controlled using the GUI from within FlightGear. The ATC/AI system is no longer maintained and marked for deprecation. Recent reports have indicated that the ATC/AI system may be causing numerical computation problems in some cases, resulting in a flurry of NaN warning messages on the FlightGear console. If you experience this, you might consider shutting down the ATC/AI system

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