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See also [[Installing Aircraft]] for more documentation.
=== Starting Démarrer FlightGear ===Many users choose to start Si beaucoup d'utilisateurs choisissent de lancer FlightGear from the command line à partir de la ligne de commande ("console" or ou "shell" as it is known to pour les amateurs d'Unix users). Alternatively some use graphical Des interfaces such as graphiques de lancement alternatives existent comme [[FlightGear Launch Control|Fgrun]] (FlightGear Launch Control).
To start Pour démarrer FlightGear type on the command linetapez dans une fenêtre en ligne de commande :
and hit enteret appuyez sur Entrée. This will start Ceci démarrera FlightGear.
If FlightGear fails to start, it is likely the compiled FlightGear binary software is not in your path. If you know Unix, you may add the location of the binary to your path and try starting again. Otherwise, you may find the location of the 'fgfs' binary and enter an absolute path to it like
where foo is the name of the folder the aircraft files live in. See also [[Command Line Parameters]].
=== Voler en multijoueur via internet Internet ===
{{Main article|Howto: Multiplayer}}
== Faire Réussir son premier vol ==
One of the most frequent questions novice pilots ask about any flight sim, but more so to FlightGear, is "why is my aircraft turning left all the time?" Although it could be due to wind gusts crossing the runway, it is more likely due to the increased realism FlightGear provides. In a certain other flight simulator, some settings are turned down to make the aircraft easier to fly. This reduces effects such as propeller torque and p-factor, which may be the cause of the tendency to turn to the left (to figure out which effect, you may read more in [[Understanding Propeller Torque and P-Factor ]]).
The following are some issues raised by new users of FlightGear. More detailed troubleshooting and answers can be found in [[Troubleshooting Problems]] and the [[FAQ]].
=== Je ne veux pas compresser flightgear compiler FlightGear, que dois-je faire? ===
[ Our website] offers precompiled binaries for download and install on a variety of systems. Current platforms are Windows, Linux, Solaris, SGI, Mac OSX and FreeBSD. These are offered as a convienence and availablility may vary at times.
Note: FlightGear is highly configurable through editable [[XML]] files. You are free, and encouraged to, make changes to aircraft flight models and any other feature you wish to change for your personal satisfaction or to share with other FlightGear users. The flight model is not defined in a binary file. It is easy to modify (given enough knowledge). Although the install is binary, most of FlightGear's system is open to configuration through XML files and [[NASAL scripting]].
=== Est-ce qu'il y a un manuel a impriméimprimable ? ===
You are invited to read "[[The Manual]]" online as [ HTML]
or download a [ PDF] for viewing with Acrobar Reader or printing.

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