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Ilyushin IL-96-400

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{{infobox Aircraft|image =1z5hr43.bmpaircraft|name =Il-96-400|type hangar =Widebody Airlinerbermuda|livery image =IL-96-400 Jet Airways, AeroMexico , EVA Airlines , Malev Airlines ,British Airways.bmp|fdm type =YASim & JSBSimAirliner|status config = ReleasedWide-body aircraft| propulsion = Quadjet|authors =Xsaint/Petar Jedvaj| fdm = YASim/JSBSim|fgname =IL-96-400 Long Ranger(T)|download status =Released| note = The [http://wwwfguk.unitedfreeworld.comeu/Models_civilianindex.html}}ILphp/hangar/summary/9-civil-jets/383-il-96-400 Long Ranger(T)original download link] is dead. }}The '''Ilyushin Il-96-400 ''' is a shortened, long-range, and advanced technology development of Russia's first widebody [[airliner]], the Ilyushin Il-86. It was developed with Russian avionics and engines. It is based on the Il-96M/T fuselage and is powered by four Aviadvigatel PS90-A1 turbofans. It can carry up to 436 passengers. Typical two-class configuration will have 386 passengers. Range with 315 passengers in a three-class configuration is about 10,000 km.[4]<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Ilyushin Il-96 |work=Wikipedia }}</ref>
The Ilyushin Il-96 is a shortened, long-range, and advanced technology development of Russia's first widebody airliner, the Ilyushin Il-86. It features supercritical wings fitted with winglets, a glass cockpit, and a fly-by-wire control system. It was first flown in 1988 and certified in 1992. The basic Il-96-300 is equipped with modern Russian avionics integrating six multi-function color LCD displays, inertial and satellite navigation systems, and a Traffic Collision Avoidance System (including mode "S"). It allows the airplane to be operated with two crew members. The avionics correspond to modern requirements on international routes in Europe and North America (RNP-1) and allow navigation and landing under ICAO CAT III/A conditions. The Il-96 is offered in three main variants: the Il-96-300, Il-96M/T and Il-96-400. The Il-96-300 has a standard passenger capacity of 262 seats in a two-class configuration with 18 seats with a seat pitch of 54 inches (140 cm) and 244 seats with a pitch of 32 inches (81 cm), of which typical seating is 3-3-3 (layout), but low density seating is 2-4-2 (layout possible). Galleys are positioned on the upper deck, and the lower deck can accommodate 18 LD-3 containers and crew rest areas. Although its list price is more than 30% lower than equivalent western types, Russian airlines are not particularly eager to buy it. As of September 2006[update], there are only 17 Il-96-300s in operation with Aeroflot (6 of the 17), KrasAir (2), Domodedovo Airlines (3; actually operated by Krasair on behalf of AiRUnion alliance), Atlant-Soyuz Airlines (1; cargo version), Cubana de Aviacion (3) and Rossiya (2). Two more aircraft are being readied at the plant in Voronezh for shipment to the government of Cuba. Both Aeroflot and Transaero received tax exemption when importing Western-built aircraft in exchange for their promising to buy a few Il-96's each. Aeroflot cargo initiated talks about ordering 6 Il-96-400T and ordered 6 more Il-96-300 Wikipedia Article:[]         ==Aircraft help==-CURRENTLY NONE-(WILL BE ADDED)   ==Related content===== Related lists ===* [[Aircraft]]* [[Aircraft Todo]]== See also ==*[[Table of models]]*[[FlightGear 1.0 default aircraft]]      [[Category:Aircraft]][[Category:Airliners]][[Category:Civilian aircraft]][[Category:Aircraft TODO]]{{Appendix}}

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