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Building FlightGear

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{{Caution|{{FGCquote |I made a commit to SimGear that fixes compilation with current OSG sources. Unfortunately, FlightGear doesn't actually work with this OSG due to a bug in the mesh optimizer. If you want to use current OSG, check the osg-submissions mailing list for my fix. |{{cite web |url=http://sourceforge.net/p/flightgear/mailman/message/33913629/ |title=<nowiki>[Flightgear-devel] OSG 3.3.8 heads up</nowiki> |author=<nowiki>Tim Moore</nowiki> |date=<nowiki>2015-04-19</nowiki> }}}}}}The [[FlightGear ]] developers generally release a stable packaged version of FlightGear, with an easy install wizard, about once or twice a year. For convenience, most FlightGear users download and install these packages.
However, the source files used to '''build the whole FlightGear package ''' are continuously being developed by dozens of contributors, who colaborate collaborate using CVS the source code management system [[Git]] to create a new "unstable" version every few days. If you want to use one of these unstable versions, or tinker with the source files to create your own custom version, the pages below describe how to compile the FlightGear package from the CVS Git source files(repository at [http://sourceforge.net/projects/flightgear http://sourceforge.net]). If you'd like to use an integrated development environment, illustrated instructions for building FlightGear and its dependencies can be found in [[Howto:Build FlightGear with NetBeans using CMake]], this should work on both, Windows and Linux systems (NetBeans being a cross-platform IDE). Another option to run the latest code without having to compile everything yourself, is using a precompiled binary provided by the [[FlightGear Build Server]] which is based on Jenkins.
'''Building FlightGear''' may refer to:
* [[Superbuild|Using CMake Superbuilds]]
* [[Superbuild on Windows|Using CMake Superbuild - Windows]]
* [[Building using CMake]]
* [[Building using CMake - Windows]]
* [[Building FlightGear - Linux]]
* [[Scripted Compilation on Linux Debian/Ubuntu|Building using Linux bash script]]
'''Old pages''' :
* [http://macflightgear.sourceforge.net/home/documents/how-to-build-flightgear-cvs-on-mac-os-x/ Building FlightGear - Mac OS X]
* [[Building FlightGear - Windows]]
* [[Updating FlightGear on Windows]] - get a recently updated version without compiling

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