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Building FlightGear

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{{Caution|{{FGCquote |I made a commit to SimGear that fixes compilation with current OSG sources. Unfortunately, FlightGear doesn't actually work with this OSG due to a bug in the mesh optimizer. If you want to use current OSG, check the osg-submissions mailing list for my fix. |{{cite web |url= |title=<nowiki>[Flightgear-devel] OSG 3.3.8 heads up</nowiki> |author=<nowiki>Tim Moore</nowiki> |date=<nowiki>2015-04-19</nowiki> }}}}}}
The [[FlightGear]] developers generally release a stable packaged version of FlightGear, with an easy install wizard, about once or twice a year. For convenience, most FlightGear users download and install these packages.

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