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Howto:Build your own procedure trainer

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[[Image:Pmpt-0.1.jpg|thumb|250px|A first version of the PMPT - functional!]]
= About =
This page is about building your own procedure trainer device using basically FlightGear, other OpenSource software and home brew hardware. It is probably far from being a FNPT [ Flight Navigation Procedure Trainer ], so I'd like to call it a '''PMPT''' for ''Poor Man's Procedure Trainer''.
The goal is to have most of the components, "real" FNPT have:
* Aircraft is completely flyable without keyboard and/or mouse
== The Components ==
[[Image:Pmpt-Schematic.png|thumb|250px|General Schematic of the PMPT]]
Bearing the first 'P' of the acronym in mind, most of the hardware is non-state-of-the-art, either from the attic (to bad to be used but to good to be thrown away) or bought second/third hand.
* The homemade USB controller are based on ATMEL microcontroller for less than 10 EURO.
* Ethernet HUP, Cables
=== Flight Dynamics Model ===
This is no sweat at all! FlightGear comes with usable, good and even excellent flight dynamics models out of the box. This HOWTO focuses on a Seneca procedure trainer and uses the SenecaII from the FlightGear base package but can be adapted to other aircraft. One computer running a FlightGear instance computes the FDM, renders the scenery and receives all the input from various controls.
Hey that's basic FlightGear operation? Yes, read on for the goodies!
=== Instrument Panel ===
=== Outside View ====== Yoke and Switch Panel ====== Rudder Pedals ====== Radio Panel ===
== The Basic Hardware Interface ===== The Almighty USB HID Controller ====== Circuit Board ====== Firmware ======= Panel Controller ======== Yoke Controller ====[[Category:Howto|Build your own procedure trainer]]

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