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[[Image:TerraSync 1.png]]
2. Select the destination folder for all files downloaded by terrasync. Usually the folder <code>[FG_ROOT]\terrasync</code> already exists and you only have to add it to the list (as in the above example). Insure that it is positioned '''above''' your standard scenery folder (here that is <code>FlightGear191\scenery</code>) and all other directories over which the terrasync folder is upposed supposed to have priority. When two directories contain information for the same region, FlightGear will take the information from the directory higher in the list.
3. For TerraSync to know where to deposit the downloaded files, you have to tell the program which folder is the destination folder. In the above example, it is the 3<sup>rd</sup> in the list.
4. Finally, go to the last screen. There you have to activate TerraSync aas as in the following screenshot. Now TerraSync should work.
[[Image:TerraSync 2.png]]

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