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The master repository for terrasync, i.e. the online resource from which TerraSync downloads its files, is synchronized with the [ FlightGear Scenery Database] once a day. So when using TerraSync, you will always have 1) the latest [[File_Formats#.2A.stg|.stg-files]], which tell FlightGear where to place an object and 2) the latest '''static''' scenery objects. Static scenery objects are such objects that exist in one place only.
: Important note: TerraSync does not download the newset newest '''shared''' scenery objects. Shared objects are such objects that are used more than once in the scenery, like generic houses or ships etc. If the set of shared scenery objects has changed since your version of FlightGear was released (usually that is the case), you need to install the newest [ '''shared''' models archive] from the [ FlightGear Scenery Database] to see all objects. Unpack it to <code>[FG_ROOT]\data\Models</code>.
It is recommended to use a separate scenery directory for TerraSync (i.e. do not run it on your main scenery directory) as network interruptions may upset the synchronization protocol - if/when that happens the easiest solution is to delete the affected subdirectory and let terrasync download it again.

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