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Howto:Place 3D objects with the UFO

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Rotating objects
See the [[UFO from the 'White Project' of the UNESCO]] page for more information on the UFO command keys and exported file locations, or press ? while in FlightGear.
==Deleting objects==
There are three different ways to three different situations in which which you want to delete an object:
You want to delete the last object that you placed in this session:
: Press the [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backspace backspace button].
You want to delete an object that you placed in this session, but you have placed one or two models after it:
: That means that it is no longer active. Activate it by placing one more model '''on''' the object you want to delete, press the backspace button. Result: The model you want to delete starts blinking, which tells you that it is active.
You want to delete an obkect that is already saved in the corresponding .stg file and you don't know where it is:
: You don't know the filename: The model you want to delete is probably a shared model. You find it in the [http://scenemodels.flightgear.org/ scenery database]. Now you know the model's file name (e.g. [http://scenemodels.flightgear.org/modeledit.php?id=45 generic_skyscraper_01.ac] or [http://scenemodels.flightgear.org/modeledit.php?id=537 Office26x22.xml]).
: You still need to know where you find it. Place any model on that building and press "D" to know in which file you find it (see [[#Exporting the result|Exporting the result]] below). If there are several objects of that type and you want to delete only one of them, find the one closest to the coordinates of your model placed on top.
: Open the .stg file, delete the whole model entry (see [[#Exporting the result|Exporting the result]] below). Done.
==Exporting the result==

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