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Howto:Place 3D objects with the UFO

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Saving to XML: where files are located
==Saving to XML==
Alternatively, if you press the E key while developing scenery with Ufo, fgfs will generate an xml file with the dump of your current work in a "ufo-model-export.xml" file.  Under unix the file is saved to ~/.fgfs and under windows it is saved to %APPDATA%\flightgear.org  You can later reload this XML file with --config= command-line parameter:
Example for Linux:
fgfs --config=$HOME/.fgfs/ufo-model-export.xml
While flying UFO, press ? for details about these and other commands.
[[Category:Howto|Place 3D objects with the UFO]]
[[Category:Scenery enhancement|Place 3D objects with the UFO]]

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