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FlightGear Newsletter October 2020

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Development news: Add info about drafts for FG homepage updates, add placeholder note about impending release.
== Development news ==
<!-- News about FlightGear itself. The FlightGear mailing list and/or core developers are a good source. -->
===2020.3 LTS release===
Oct. 30: Release preparations - release is close. Preliminary release builds have been uploaded to sourceforge for final bug testing. If you want to make sure your craft or feature specifically works in the 2020.3 LTS, you can find the builds on [ sourceforge]. This section will be updated once the release happens.
====Updates to the FG homepage====
Developers, there is a wiki [ draft page here] to write a description of improvements since 2018.3 LTS to your craft or feature, with several accompanying screenshots. For screenshots, it's possible to pause and [ turn up] settings, if you normally have settings lower on an older laptop or similar - there may be suitable screenshots already submitted SOTM section in the [ forum] under CC-BY-SA-4.0 that have not been uploaded to the wiki yet.
James has said he is willing to review and update the homepage if material is submitted to the wiki, or otherwise handed over. These will be published as news posts after 2020.3 LTS release, about a week apart, or when material is available. If there is not enough material several small items can be collected into a news post.
The most important things are the points about what to write, and some screenshots. Don't worry if wording or English is not perfect, it can be adjusted later. Knowledge of wiki syntax isn't needed for a simple draft, just click edit and type. Urls to screenshots can simply be pasted if you don't know how to upload, along with a note giving CC-BY-SA-4.0 permission.
=== CompositeViewer ===

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