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FlightGear Newsletter October 2020

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==== Current state ====
September was busy mainly developing a standalone GUI based radio client. This has been finished in the new 0.6.0 release early October. Since then, end of October 0.7.0 was released, further stabilizing the implementation.
Aside from various bugfixes, fixed memory leaks and an additional mumble API update, this these release features:
* Static noise volume at bad signal quality conditions have been tuned down further
* Proper 8.33kHz/25kHz spacing is now modelled. The radios have to supply their spacing mode using the new UDP field COM<n>_CWKHZ. This also simulates channel overlap to nearby 8.33 channels if the radio is in 25kHz mode (defaults to 8.33 mode).
* The UDP and plugin IO interfaces now better check maximum field lengths (32 characters, remainder is truncated)
* Releases will be debug builds until we reach the 1.0.0 milestone release; this will help in debugging in the field.
* Some (all?) segfaults and memory leaks were fixed
* The mumble plugin supports a new option now, that enables to hear non-plugin users in the channel (interesting for ATCs serving plugin- and non-plugin users in the same channel at the same time)
* ...and finally we have a standalone radio GUI client now, that can simulate arbitary radios and even features a map based location picker :)

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