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== 启动器 ==
* Addition of a welcome screen on first launch, providing helpful information to first time users.添加了在首次启动时出现的欢迎屏幕,为首次使用的用户提供一些有用的信息。* Aircraft can now be marked as Favourites, and filtered, making it easier to see find your favourite aircraft out of the hundreds available.现在可以收藏你喜爱的机模并进行条件筛选,从而更容易在数百种可用飞机中找到自己喜欢的飞机。* The launcher now supports aircraft carriers, including selecting a carrier and setting a start position.启动器增加了对航空母舰的支持,包括选择航空母舰和设置起始位置。* 当你想开始飞行的时候,现在只需要按下<code>Ctrl-F</code> shortcut for when you just want to Fly!快捷键!* Improved support for helipads and seaports, including detection of current aircraft type.增强了对停机坪和水上机场的支持,增加了对当前的飞机型号的检测。* Numerous bugfixes and stability improvements, in particular for the aircraft and addons tabs.大量错误修正和稳定性改进,尤其对机模和插件选项卡进行了改进。
== 画面 ==

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