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== Launcher 启动器 ==
* Addition of a welcome screen on first launch, providing helpful information to first time users.
* Aircraft can now be marked as Favourites, and filtered, making it easier to see find your favourite aircraft out of the hundreds available.
* Numerous bugfixes and stability improvements, in particular for the aircraft and addons tabs.
== Graphics 画面 ==
* To provide a developer preview, the [[Compositor]] renderer is included as part of this release. It provides a fully XML-configurable multi-pass rendering pipeline that is compatible with ALS and includes clustered shading.
* Support for DDS Texture Cache, improving loading times for texture files.
* Electric engines are now supported.
== Weather and Environment 气象和环境 ==
* Increased turbulence will be encountered near active volcanoes.
* Configurable METAR URL.
* METAR strings are decoded and displayed in a human-readable form in the weather dialog.
== Carriers 航空母舰 ==
* Two new carrier-specific starting options are supported in the launcher: <code>carrier-takeoff</code> and <code>carrier-approach</code>.
* A new <code>--carrier-position</code> command-line argument has been added. This can be used to select the aircraft start position on an aircraft carrier. Either a catapult (e.g. <code>cat-1</code>), a parking position (e.g. <code>park-1</code>), on final approach on the FLOLS (<code>flols</code>) or abeam the carrier (<code>abeam</code>).
* Accurate Britten-Norman Islander performance data, from an Islander pilot.
== Multiplayer 联机飞行 ==
* Connection to VATSIM via swift is now available via the GUI.
* FGCom now supports both COM1 and COM2, as well as volume settings.
* Support for recording multiplayer data
== Nasal Scripting 脚本语言 ==
* Configurable load order for core Nasal modules.
* Improvements and bug fixes to Emesary, the messaging interface.
* New methods in Canvas Image to set colors of pixels in the image.
== Aircraft 飞机模型 ==
* FG1000 Glass Panel improvements include user-configurable VFR transponder codes, volume controls, new fascia, UI is now resizeable, support for custom SVG files (e.g. for a G500). The FG1000 is now available on the Cessna 182T, J3 Cub, Diamond DA40.
* Improved glider vario instrument.
* Major updates to over 70 aircraft. Including 737-100, 737-300, 777, A-26-Invader, AR-234, ASG29, ASK13, ASK21, Aero-Commander, Aichi-D3A, B-17, B-24-Liberator, B-25, Bombardier-415, CH750STOL, CRJ700-family, Cessna-208-Caravan, Cessna Citation II, Cessna-L19, Cirrus-SR22, Concorde, DO-228, DO-335, Diamond-Da40, Diamond-Da42, Dragonfly, Embraer-ERJ-145, F-15, Fairchild-Metroliner, Falcon-50, Fokker-S-11, Fw200, H4-Hercules, Harrier-GR3, Horten-Ho-IX, Hughes-XF11, J3Cub, JA37, JAS39-Gripen, Jaguar, LS4, Lancair-235, Lionceau, Lockheed-NF104A, Lockheed-P38, ME-262, Mirage-2000, MirageIV, Northrop-xb35, PC-12, Piaggio-P166, Piper-PA-28, Potez-630, R44, Ryan-Navion, SIAI-Marchetti-SF.260, Socata-ST10, SpaceShuttle, Starship, Tecnam-P2006T, UH-1, Yak-18T, Zlin-50lx, an24b, bluebird, c182s, dhc1, f-14b, f16.
== Miscellaneous 杂项 ==
* Updated Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish and Slovak translations.
* Map dialog displays heliports and allows configurable cursor key panning
* New thread safe particle manager -- should reduce random crashes around particles.
=Updates since 2020.11之后的更新=
Changes since the 2020.1 preview release include:
* Various launcher improvements including a Welcome screen and a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+F) to Fly!

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