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User:Legoboyvdlp/Building using CMake - Windows

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{{code|git clone data}}
I would encourage people to access third party dependencies and OSG from Jenkins: you can build them if you wish, but it really is not needed. There is no advantage to doing that -- it only takes longer. [http{{code|git clone*zip*p/ prebuilt dependencies for 64 bit Windows (.zip)] [*zip*/ prebuilt Boost library (.zip)]party windows-3rd-party}}
OSG is so unreliable at building and linking properly that I would very strongly recommend you to use the pre-built version: download this folder, and copy the <tt>archive/install/msvc140-64/OpenSceneGraph</tt> folder into the directory structure shown below.
After downloading these, I would suggest assembling a folder structure as below:
== FGMeta Style Directory Tree ==
On Windows, assumptions on the directory structure are made to automate the discovery of dependencies. This recommended directory structure is described below. Clicking the links allows you to download pre-built parts. If you do not use the recommended structure you will need to enter paths by hand and some parts may not input correctly.
== Directory tree ==

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