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User:Legoboyvdlp/Building using CMake - Windows

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FGMeta Style Directory Tree: WIP
== FGMeta Style Directory Tree ==
On Windows, assumptions on the directory structure are made to automate the discovery of dependencies. This recommended directory structure is described below. Clicking the links allows you to download pre-built parts. If you do not use the recommended structure you will need to enter paths by hand and some parts may not input correctly.
: FlightGearBuild / </tt> (Main root directory) <tt>
:: windows-3rd-party-deps /
:: flightgear-git / </tt> (FlightGear sources) <tt>
:: simgear-git / </tt> (SimGear sources) <tt>
:: flightgear-build / </tt> (Create this empty for now, will be used by cmake) <tt>
:: simgear-built / </tt> (Create this empty for now, will be used by cmake) <tt>
:: install / </tt> (Directory where you will install the built binaries to)
::: FlightGear /
:::: data / </tt> (FGDATA only. Bin / lib folder will be created by the build process) <tt>
::: msvc-140 /
:::: OpenSceneGraph / </tt>(Pre-built OSG) <tt>
::: SimGear / </tt> (create this empty for now, subfolders will be created by build process)
== Directory tree ==

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