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Since the early days of Zan's groundwork, providing the (hooks) infrastructure to enable base package developers to prototype, test and develop distinct rendering pipelines without requiring C++ space modifications has been a long-standing idea, especially after the [[Canvas]] system became available in early 2012, which demonstrated how RTT-rendering buffers (FBOs) could be set up, created and manipulated procedurally (i.e. at run-time) using XML, the property tree and [[Nasal]] scripting. <ref>https://{{|type=search.php?st|title=0&sk=t&sd=d&sr=posts&Zan's Rembrandt and Canvas work|keywords=zan++rembrandt+canvas}}</ref>
The new '''Compositor''' is an improved re-implementation of Zan's original work using not just XML, but also [[Property Tree|properties]] and a handful of [[Canvas]] concepts.

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