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* <tt>'''ambient'''</tt>, <tt>'''diffuse'''</tt> and <tt>'''specular'''</tt>. Four-component vectors that specify the light color.
* <tt>'''attenuation'''</tt> ('''Optional'''). Three-component vector where <code><c></code> specifies the constant factor, <code><l></code> specifies the linear factor and <code><nowiki><q></nowiki></code> specifies the quadratic factor. These factors are plugged into the OpenGL light attenuation formula [[File:Spotlight_attenuation.png]] where d is the distance of the fragment to the light source. If no attenuation has been specified, the inverse-square law will be used. See this [http://wiki.ogre3d.org/tiki-index.php?page=-Point+Light+Attenuation table] for a list of attenuation values based on the range of the light.* <tt>'''range-m'''</tt> ('''Optional'''). Maximum range from the light source position in meters. This value will be used by the renderers to determine if a fragment is illuminated by this source. Every fragment outside this range isn't guaranteed to be affected by the light, even if the attenuation factor isn't 0 in that particular fragment. If no value has been specified, it will be calculated automatically based on the attenuation.
* <tt>'''cutoff'''</tt>. Only available in <tt>spot</tt> lights. It specifies the maximum spread angle of a light source. Only values in the range 0 90 are accepted. If the angle between the direction of the light and the direction from the light to the fragment being lighted is greater than the spot cutoff angle, it won't be lit.
* <tt>'''exponent'''</tt>. Only available in <tt>spot</tt> lights. Higher spot exponents result in a more focused light source, regardless of the spot cutoff angle.
* Some kind of versioning system to be able to make breaking changes in the future if/when the compositor is updated in any significant way, without people having to manually update their configs.
* Bring back Canvas integration so aircraft devs have access to the rendering pipeline. This allows to render exterior views in cockpit displays etc.
* Automatically calculate light source attenuation based on radius and radius based on attenuation.
== Known Issues ==

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