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Simpler method for changing the protocol or URL of a Git remote (used for FGData here)
There we are! You now have a clean, up-to-date [[FGData]] clone in <tt>~/flightgear/dnc-managed/install/flightgear/fgdata</tt> (remember: <tt>~/flightgear/dnc-managed</tt> is the directory from which you ran <tt>download_and_compile.sh</tt>). Note this place: the full path of the <tt>~/flightgear/dnc-managed/install/flightgear/fgdata</tt> directory is your [[$FG_ROOT]].
Now open , change the protocol to use for future updates of your FGData clone:<ttref name="changing-the-protocol-for-a-git-remote-manual-method">[[$FG_ROOT]]Another way would be to manually change the relevant line starting with <code><nowiki>url = ssh://SFusername@</nowiki></code> for the <code>origin</code> remote in the <tt>.git/config</tt> file that lives inside your FGData repository clone (i.e., <tt>~/flightgear/dnc-managed/install/flightgear/fgdata/.git/config</tt> in our example). You should see a paragraph resembling this:</ref> [remote "origin"](cd install/flightgear/fgdata && \ git remote set-url = sshorigin <nowiki>https://''SFusername''@git.code.sf.net/p/flightgear/fgdata fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs</remotes/origin/*nowiki>)Replace (you can check at any time the protocol(s) in use with the command <code>ssh://''SFusername''@git remote -v</code> with run inside a Git repository—in this case, inside the folder <codett>https:install/flightgear/fgdata</codett> and save the file). As a consequence of this change, all future updates of your FGData clone will use the <tt>https</tt> protocol, therefore you won't be prompted anymore for your SourceForge password.
All that remains to do is to run, from the same directory as before (<tt>~/flightgear/dnc-managed</tt> in our example):

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