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Remove section “Remove warning message for DDS files”: the given advice was a blunt batch-replacing of 'SG_ALERT, "Image' with 'SG_WARN, "Image', however such SG_ALERT logs don't exist anymore in the indicated file since 2014
The same can be done for the [[FlightGear_Launch_Control|FGRun]] launcher:
$ sed 's|\./fgrun|optirun ./fgrun|' run_fgrun.sh > run_fgrun_optirun.sh && chmod +x run_fgrun_optirun.sh
== Remove warning message for DDS files ==
You can remove the warning message displayed when DDS files are parsed by SimGear by adding the following line just after '''cd "simgear"''' line :
$ sed -i s/SG_ALERT,\ \"Image/SG_WARN,\ \"Image/g simgear/scene/model/ModelRegistry.cxx
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