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Launching FlightGear: Add precisions (start without any launcher)
{{Note|<code>./run_fgfs.sh --launcher</code> starts FlightGear with its built-in launcher. If you just do <code>./run_fgfs.sh</code>, FlightGear will be started without any launcher, at the default airport and with the default aircraft.}}
In order to start FlightGear without any launcher, at a given airport (say, [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paro_Airport Paro airport], whose ICAO code is VQPR) and with a chosen aircraft, you can do:
$ cd ~/flightgear/dnc-managed
$ ./run_fgfs.sh --airport=VQPR --aircraft=dhc6
Actually, the directory change is not needed, we only gave it here for readability. Therefore, the following single command does the same:
$ ~/flightgear/dnc-managed/run_fgfs.sh --airport=VQPR --aircraft=dhc6
=== <span id="avoiding-multiple-downloads-of-fgdata"></span> Avoiding multiple downloads of FGData ===

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