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Scripted Compilation on Linux Debian/Ubuntu

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Additional programs: Add sections for TG and TGGUI
The full, up-to-date list of these components can always be obtained by running:
$ --help
=== TerraGear ===
Run <tt></tt> with the TERRAGEAR component in order to build and install the [[TerraGear]] terrain building toolchain:
$ cd ~/flightgear/dnc-managed
This creates the following scripts in <tt>~/flightgear/dnc-managed</tt>:
* <tt></tt>
* <tt></tt>
* <tt></tt>
These scripts themselves run the corresponding TerraGear tools, as expected.
=== TerraGear GUI ===
[[TerraGear GUI]] is a graphical interface for [[TerraGear]] written with the Qt toolkit (still Qt 4 in 2019, but it works). In order to install it, run <tt></tt> with the TERRAGEARGUI component:
$ cd ~/flightgear/dnc-managed
This will create a <tt></tt> script in <tt>~/flightgear/dnc-managed</tt>, and also a default configuration file <tt>~/.config/TerraGear/TerraGearGUI.conf</tt>, unless you already have one. This default configuration file contains paths to the TerraGear and [[$FG_ROOT]] directories, assuming you have installed the TERRAGEAR and DATA components.
To run TerraGear GUI:
$ cd ~/flightgear/dnc-managed
$ ./
=== FGCom ===

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